About Pack Less

What is Pack Less?

PACK LESS is a new pallet design – a technological breakthrough set to transform the way you move your goods. It is probably the first plastic pallet that provides a cost-effective alternative to the wood pallet.

Pack Less weighs less than 3 kg but supports static loads up to 3-4 metric tons! Imagine a pallet that offers the advantages of plastic pallets but without the high cost!

With PACK LESS pallets, you can now PACK MORE WITH LESS!

Pack Less - Now in Asia!

PACK LESS has been commercialized successfully by large petrochemical and chemical companies in the Americas for the last two years and is now available in in Asia!

Origin of Pack Less

PACK LESS is the brainchild of José Roberto Durço, Director of Development & Innovation, Pack Less Desenvolvimento & Inovação Ltda., São Paulo, Brazil. His invention was announced in September 2008.

Pallet Dimension

Because of the versatility and uniqueness in the design of this plastic pallet, it will not take much effort for us to make a pallet customized to your product packaging.

Common Sizes

Standard sizes that we have readily available are as follows:

1100mm X 1100mm 1100mm X 1300mm 800mm X 1200mm (Europallet)
1100mm X 1200mm 1140mm X 1140mm  

PACK LESS offers the unique opportunity for the individual design of the pallet size. The size of a PACK LESS pallet is never standard, but always optimized and designed for meeting all of the applications requirements.

Container capacity

The following are the load capacities:

Safe Working Load (SWL)

- 20 foot container - up to 680 pallets Static load: 4,000 kg
- 40 foot container - up to 1,400 pallets Dynamic load: 1,500 kg

PACK LESS protected by patents

To protect its Intellectual Property rights the inventors have retained one of Latin America’s best patent attorneys to ensure protection is in place wherever PACK LESS is marketed and used.

Use of PACK LESS in automatic palletizer e.g. Moller

Tests conducted by large scale petrochemical companies in South America and the Middle East have shown that auto palletizing lines can be successfully adapted to accommodate PACK LESS pallets.

Please contact us for more details.

Pack Less Pallets – The Choice Solution

Impact on Environment 100% Re-usable and Recyclable 100% Re-usable and Recyclable Contributes to Deforestation
Storage Space Utilizes 20% of normal pallet storage space Occupies large storage space Occupies large storage space
Weight Less than 3 kg Average 20 kg Average 30 kg
Safe Working Load Static – 4,000 kilograms
Dynamic – 1,500 kilograms
Static – 4,000 kilograms
Dynamic – 1,500 kilograms
Static – 4,000 kilograms
Dynamic – 1,500 kilograms
Safety Excellent worker safety and protection of goods Sharp edges found in weight saving perforations on pallet surface may damage goods 
when under load
Sharp edges or protruding splinters/nails may damage goods
ISPM15 requirements ISPM15-exempted ISPM15-exempted ISPM15 required for exports
Documentation for exports Not required – very simple Not required– very simple Troublesome
Cost of pallet & Total cost
Low – close to price of heat treated or fumigated wood pallet; as Pack Less can be foldable, frees up valuable space, results in further cost reduction High – based on equivalent safe working load designs; large storage space occupies valuable space which can be better used for production – high opportunity cost Low – but increase in fire insurance cost due to fire hazard; large storage space occupies valuable space which can be better used for production – high opportunity cost

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