Towards Sustainability

Sustainable development – a balance to meet human’s unlimited needs without negatively impacting resources of future generations – is no longer a concern for tomorrow; it is imperative here and now. In the movement towards sustainable development, the replacement of finite raw materials with recyclable materials has become crucial. The world’s economic growth has caused an increase in consumption, which in turn has lead to the production and handling of more manufactured goods. These goods are often transported from place to place on wooden pallets thus resulting in a significant increase in the number of pallets used and, consequently, dwindling the earth’s forestry resources.

Many factors contribute to the need to develop a solution to replace the wood-based pallets:

  1. The reduction of reforestation areas and the greater need to control illegal deforestation;
  2. The inability to fully recycle wood pallets;
  3. Slash pine trees – the primary raw material for pallets – take 21 years to mature and can only produce wood for five to seven pallets per tree.

In an effort towards sustainable development, a "greener" solution has arrived. Wooden pallets can be replaced for the transportation and handling of products.


Environmentally Friendly Pallets 100% Recyclable

"The Pack Less is an interesting project because we transport our pre-forms, the pre-form is one small tube of PET that will be blown in our factories to become the Coca-Cola PET bottle we all know of. These pre-forms are transported up to our factories mostly in cardboard boxes on wood pallets. ... read more »

John William Sevante
Supply Chain Planning Manager
at Vonpar

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