Why Use Pack Less Pallets?

  • Towards Sustainable Development
    It takes about 21 years for a pine tree to mature, just to produce only seven wood pallets. Think of the number of trees you are saving by using PACK LESS! PACK LESS pallets are 100% recyclable and re-usable.
  • Built for Strength and Added Sustainability
    PACK LESS pallets are engineered to carry loads that are equivalent or even greater than that of the average wood pallet. The elevated semi-cylindrical tunnels centralize the load, adding further stability. One of the key factors contributing to its strength and load stability is that an estimated 55% of the entire load actually rests on the central portion of the PACK LESS pallet.
  • Save on Transportation Cost
    PACK LESS pallets are no thicker than a sheet of fabric in its main section. It is also an ultra-light pallet weighing less than 3 kg or 10% of the weight of an average pallet. These unique features of PACK LESS give you the potential to increase your shipping capacity, thereby reducing the overall transportation cost.
  • Lesser Storage Space
    A typical wood pallet occupies close to 0.2 m3 in comparison to 0.05 m3 for a PACK LESS pallet of equal configuration. This results in saving up to 75% of storage space – a factor to consider in your cost review.
  • ISPM-15 Exempted
    Being made entirely of Polypropylene (PP), they are ISPM-15 exempted. You no longer deal with ozone depleting and toxic methyl bromide used in fumigation. No more hassles relating to certifications and customs regulations compliance issues.
  • ROHS Compliant
    Pallets Asia is committed to providing products which are compliant with all applicable state, local, and international laws and standards, especially those regulating Environmental concerns.

    It is our policy to only use materials which are compliant with RoHS directives - including designated heavy metals (Lead, Mercury, Hexavalent Chromium, Cadmium), brominated flame retardants (PBB, PBDE) and plastisizers (DOP, DEHP, DBP).

    Pack Less pallets are shipped with test reports: (1) Corrugated PP & (2) Woven PP stating the compliance of the enclosed products.
  • Moisture Free
    As the pallets are made of non-hygroscopic plastic, it does not absorb or give off moisture. As such, there is no need to worry about the moisture found in wooden pallets that may harm moisture-sensitive goods.
  • No Nails or Splinters
    With PACK LESS there is no need to be concerned about nails or splinters that may damage your bags or cause injuries during handling. Resulting in better worker safety and a lower incidence of damage to product packaging.
  • Food Safety Risks
    Wood pallets used to transport food are known to harbour pathogens such as E. coli and Listeria. Tests have shown wood pallets are seven times more susceptible to be contaminated with E.coli than plastic pallets (U.S. National Consumers League)
  • Low Cost
    PACK LESS pallets are competitively priced. Although the actual price will depend on the pallet dimensions and volume involved, the price is expected to be lower than conventional plastic pallets and close to that of wood pallets plus the fumigation costs. Think about it - you can have the benefits of plastic pallets without the big price tag!

Environmentally Friendly Pallets 100% Recyclable

"The Pack Less is an interesting project because we transport our pre-forms, the pre-form is one small tube of PET that will be blown in our factories to become the Coca-Cola PET bottle we all know of. These pre-forms are transported up to our factories mostly in cardboard boxes on wood pallets. ... read more »

John William Sevante
Supply Chain Planning Manager
at Vonpar

"We did a study with The Espaco Eco Foundation, a BASF company specializing in life cycle analysis which compared in various ways the Pack Less with wood pallets. The conclusion was that the Pack Less is better in all its dimensions: Environmental, social, consumption of materials, energy, water, air emissions, waste and risk of accidents during the production process. In all these criteria, the Pack Less was proved to be the best… On the issues of greenhouse gas, Pack Less can reduce emissions by 85% compared to the alternative of wood pallets.
... read more »

Jorge Soto
Director of Sustainable Development
at Braskem

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