"The Pack Less is an interesting project because we transport our pre-forms, the pre-form is one small tube of PET that will be blown in our factories to become the Coca-Cola PET bottle we all know of. These pre-forms are transported up to our factories mostly in cardboard boxes on wood pallets.

The Pack Less came as a unique idea because in replacing the wood pallet, we gained in the area of transportation. We have cargo volume without weight problems so we gained an area of approximately 10% per truck load. Vonpar (Coca-Cola bottling) has approximately 1,000 truck load shipments per year to supply our factories of PET pre-forms. This represents a reduction of about 100 trips per year, which fairly represents 10% of our transportation costs.

Moreover, the Pack Less by being 100% flexible polypropylene, allows easy returns, reducing the cost of reverse logistics and is also recyclable, so we replaced the wood pallet. The benefits of Pack Less are countless!"

John William Sevante
Supply Chain Planning Manager
at Vonpar

"We did a study with The Espaco Eco Foundation, a BASF company specializing in life cycle analysis which compared in various ways the Pack Less with wood pallets. The conclusion was that the Pack Less is better in all its dimensions: Environmental, social, consumption of materials, energy, water, air emissions, waste and risk of accidents during the production process. In all these criteria, the Pack Less was proved to be the best… On the issues of greenhouse gas, Pack Less can reduce emissions by 85% compared to the alternative of wood pallets.

People think Pack Less will not be better than wood… In reality, people do not remember that weight is crucial. When you use something much lighter, the transport that consumes fossil fuels drastically reduces emissions of greenhouse gases. Transportation to the variable weight is critical to fuel consumption. So overall, the Pack Less is fully aligned with the positioning of Braskem in bringing to market products that contribute sustainable development. Indeed the Pack Less is one of them."

Jorge Soto
Director of Sustainable Development
at Braskem

Load Testing

Proven Record

To ensure the Pack Less pallet is able to support the industry Safe Working Load standard, it was tested and analyzed by IPT – the Institute for Research and Technology, Centre for Integrity of Structures and Equipment Packaging and Cargo Systems Lab

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