A Case for Pack Less

With a design like no other, weighing at
less than 3kg this revolutionary design
can carry loads that are equivalent
or even higher than the
average wooden pallet ...

Towards Sustainability

Sustainable development – a balance to meet human’s unlimited needs without
negatively impacting resources
of future generations – is no
longer a concern ...

Think Green for Logistics

It is estimated that an average pine
tree, which takes about 21 years
to mature, can produce only six to
seven wood pallets. Thus, consider
the number of trees that ...

Think PACK LESS and Pack More with Less

With the introduction of PACK LESS – a revolutionary pallet made entirely from polypropylene – we are offering a sustainable alternative to the conventional pallets in the market.

PACK LESS now redefines the way logistics is handled to provide greater value with space optimization, higher efficiency and a sustainable product with overall cost savings over traditional pallets.

PACK LESS, patent pending, is the invention of José Roberto Durço and is now manufactured and marketed by Pallets Asia for the Asian market.

Let us work together to consider the environment as part of the business’s framework and processes.

Let us help you optimize your production capacity and freight volume.

Let us help you to Pack More with Less.

Benefits Benefits Benefits
Made entirely of polypropylene, our pallets are environmental friendly as it is fully recyclable - scrapped units can easily become other products with a new life cycle. As PACK LESS weighs about 10 percent of the average wooden pallet, fuel consumption is significantly reduced by using our pallets in transporting goods. By using less fuel in transportation, our pallets will substantially reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses.

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Environmentally Friendly Pallets 100% Recyclable

"The Pack Less is an interesting project because we transport our pre-forms, the pre-form is one small tube of PET that will be blown in our factories to become the Coca-Cola PET bottle we all know of. These pre-forms are transported up to our factories mostly in cardboard boxes on wood pallets. ... read more »

John William Sevante
Supply Chain Planning Manager
at Vonpar

"We did a study with The Espaco Eco Foundation, a BASF company specializing in life cycle analysis which compared in various ways the Pack Less with wood pallets. The conclusion was that the Pack Less is better in all its dimensions: Environmental, social, consumption of materials, energy, water, air emissions, waste and risk of accidents during the production process. In all these criteria, the Pack Less was proved to be the best… On the issues of greenhouse gas, Pack Less can reduce emissions by 85% compared to the alternative of wood pallets.
... read more »

Jorge Soto
Director of Sustainable Development
at Braskem

ROHS Compliant

Pallets Asia is committed to providing products which are compliant with all applicable state, local, and international laws and standards, especially those regulating Environmental concerns.

It is our policy to only use materials which are compliant with RoHS directives - including designated heavy metals (Lead, Mercury, Hexavalent Chromium, Cadmium), brominated flame retardants (PBB, PBDE) and plastisizers (DOP, DEHP, DBP).

Pack Less pallets are shipped with test reports: (1) Corrugated PP & (2) Woven PP stating the compliance of the enclosed products.